Is Dan Synder selling the Commanders?


Dan Synder has been the owner of the Washington Commanders for 24 years. Over those 24 years, Washington has gone 164-220-2 and won only one playoff game. There have been multiple lawsuits against Dan Snyder. These include multiple sexual misconduct cases. Since these new lawsuits have come up, the NFL has been pushing him to sell the team. On Nov. 2, 2022, Bank of America came out and said they are working with Dan Synder and the Washington Commanders to sell the team. About one hour later, the Commanders put out a statement saying they are “Exploring all options. 

The Commanders are trying to purchase a stadium, but many of the legal officials have said they do not want to work with Dan Synder. A.J. Perez has said he is “At least selling a majority stake” so that means that this thing is happening. Now the question is who is going to purchase them. Jeff Bezos, Josh Harris, John Henry or even Elon musk? Per Front office sports, Jeff Bezos has not bid, but the highest bidder is at “6.3 Billion.

What does it mean that Bezos has not bid? While, Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Times Post which has been breaking stories all along about Dan Synder. Therefore, there’s speculation that he doesn’t want to sell to Bezos. There was some chatter that he might be selling the post, but two days ago JP Finley said “The Post is not for sale. So, as far as we know, Dan is selling the team but to who is still up in the air.