We are the Trailblazers!


 We are excited to unveil a significant update to the FCVS identity that reflects our commitment to innovation and the unique character of our virtual learning community.  Our New Logo and Mascot: The Compass and the Trailblazer.

FCVS has proudly served as a trailblazer in virtual education for over a decade, continuously exploring innovative educational opportunities for all FCPS students. We believe our new logo beautifully represents this journey:

The Compass: At the heart of our logo is a compass, symbolizing our commitment to guiding students on their educational path. Just as a compass points the way, FCVS provides direction and support for our students to successfully navigate their academic journey.

Trailblazers: We are excited to introduce our official mascot name, the “Trailblazers.” This name encapsulates our pioneering spirit and determination to lead the way in virtual learning across Maryland. Our students and staff are true trailblazers, forging new paths in education.

The Star: The star within the compass connects FCVS to Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) and the star featured in FCPS’s logo. It highlights our strong affiliation with FCPS while signifying the shining achievements of our students.

Colors – Purple, Black, and Grey: These distinctive colors were carefully chosen to uniquely  represent FCVS.

Purple is a color not commonly used by other FCPS high schools, emphasizing our distinct identity within the school system. It symbolizes creativity, dignity, and the forward-thinking approach we bring to education.

Black signifies strength, determination, and the resilience of our FCVS community. It represents our commitment to helping students overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

Grey complements our color scheme, providing balance and a sense of stability. It signifies our adaptability to various learning environments and our dedication to providing a solid educational foundation.