Korean Corndog Review (H-Mart/Ok Dog)


Jaylen Englehart, Contributer


So recently, I tried the Corndogs from a restaurant called ‘Ok Dog’ inside of a grocery store I live by called “H-Mart”. Although I’m not a huge fan of corndogs, I noticed some of these corndogs you can get all mozzarella cheese in them. On the menu, you had the options of a regular corndog, regular mozzarella dog, potato hot dog, potato mozzarella dog, and…squid?

I obviously didn’t choose squid cause I have seafood allergies. I went ahead and chose the potato mozzarella dog. It wasn’t really a long wait, it was about a 20 minute long wait. The corndog was delicious and had an incredibly long cheese pull, about the size of MY ARM. The potato pieces on the side added flavoring to it as well. It was almost like a cheesy hashbrown. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than this to be honest. 10/10. However I will say that maybe a good addition to the menu would be to add the hot cheetos corndogs because a lot of Korean corndog retailers sell them and it would send profits high.