Asking 4 of the most controversial questions!



In my survey, I asked 4 of the most popular questions out there. I asked for the best sport, best season of year, favorite food and best school subject. What do you think will be the answers for these?


Starting off with Food, we had a 2 way tie with pizza and paratha. For the people who didn’t know (like me) Paratha is a type of flatbread made from India. It is a type of whole wheat that is made into flat bread.  Pizza originated in Italy and is a staple in most countries around the world.


The next one we’re going to talk about is the best sport. There was a 3 way tie on this one for soccer, hockey and football. I will say I am surprised that basketball and baseball are not in the top 3. One cool fact I didn’t realize is soccer originated from England. Overall I think this is a very solid top 3 sport list.


Best season of the year, the most controversial one yet. Fall was the one to pull out on top with 66.7 percent of people saying that is their favorite. Personally, I like winter the best because of snow, but if you live in Maryland snow is not really heard of.


Last but not least, the best school subject. It was a 3 way tie between P.E., English and History all coming in at 33 percent. In my opinion P.E is the best, but that could just be because I love sports. Although I love all 3 of these subjects.